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what experts in the field had to say about
The Storm Riders


"Children learn through imagination, exploration and play. This brings them into contact with  fun, mystery, connection, as well as frustration, anger and fear. In an exquisitely illustrated and captivatingly narrated story The Storm Riders helps children see that they have within themselves a superpower. I am a sailor, and any good sailor knows you need a boat that is seaworthy, well equipped and we have the requisite skills to sail it.  In this story Lilibet learns that she has these skills - and had them all along. Books like this help us awaken in children a joy and confidence in learning that is surely an education par excellence equipping them for their lives ahead."

Willem Kuyken, University of Oxford
Ritblat Professor of Mindfulness
and Psychological Science

"The enchanting book, The Storm Riders and the Magical Anchor. takes the reader on a delightful journey to self-awareness. This treasure trove of apt metaphors illustrated exquisitely by Chiara Nasi are woven within a valuable story in which a young girl finds within herself what she sought without, should be recommended reading at all early level schools and youth support communities. The profound wisdom and experience of the author, Dorota Stuker, are gently infused throughout, while the recommendations at the end are appropriate and insightful. People of all ages can be encouraged and reminded of the fundamental principles so colorfully displayed in this uplifting little book."

Edel Sanders 
MA, EdM, Phd




Written by a mum, psychologist and a mindfulness teacher, The Storm Riders is a fictional story that offers a perfect introduction to emotional regulation and mindfulness in a playful and colorful way! Kids will want to come back to this book and its fun activities again and again. And so will adults as this research-based book makes a wonderful social-emotional tool for teachers, parents and counselors


Dorota _edited_edited.jpg

... the author of The Storm Riders.  I am a wife, mother, psychologist, expat and a mindfulness teacher trained at Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. I have three beautiful kids who are the inspiration behind my stories as well as my honest editors and critics. 

I am Dorota Stuker 

Chances are that I am packing or unpacking bags (or boxes) at this very moment as I regularly move around the world. I practice mindfulness for over a decade now and it helps me to better appreciate the beauties of the expat life (and life as such) as well as deal with its challenges in a more effective way. I went from writing research papers on well-being to writing children's books on well-being. My stories are touched by each culture and country I have lived in from the turquoise colors of Saudi Arabia's Gulf through the lush green spaces of French countryside all the way to deep blue Norwegian fjords.



Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally



Practice mindfulness anywhere and everywhere. Sit down for a formal mediation paying attention to your body and breath. Or try to be present during your daily activities. 

Kids are naturally mindful so join them and let them be your guide. Take another look together at  rocks, little insects, pinecones, flowers and many more extraordinary ordinary things. 


 Studies show that practicing mindfulness improves our well-being, concentration, focus and cognitive abilities. Moreover mindfulness strengthens social emotional development and reduces stress and anxiety.

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