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My expat journey started in London and continued on in Prague where I graduated with MA in Clinical-Counseling Psychology. I have developed an interest in positive psychology and that is when I first came across mindfulness. During my years in research I have published a study on mental health and have contributed and worked on several other research articles, including a well-being research at University of Cambridge, England. As my interest in mental health grew, so did my family. I have very naturally transitioned into writing children's books while moving around the world (Bucharest, Paris, Udhailiyah, Al Khobar, Stavanger) and spending time with my kids. My ultimate goal is to help my own children and children around the world to develop emotional intelligence. I place emphasis on teaching them how to accept emotions as the come, understand that the 'bad moments' will pass and manage thoughts and emotions in a skillful way. Through my books I hope to equip children with useful strategies they can relay on when going gets tough and be able to make life choices that would best support their well-being and well-being of those around them. 

Beyond the Bend in the Road

Beyond the bend in the road
There may be a well, and there may be a castle,
And there may be just more road.
I don’t know and don’t ask.
As long as I’m on the road that’s before the bend
I look only at the road before the bend,
Because the road before the bend is all I can see.
It would do me no good to look anywhere else
Or at what I can’t see.
Let’s pay attention only to where we are.
There’s only enough beauty in being here and not somewhere else.
If there are people beyond the bend in the road,
Let them worry about what’s beyond the bend in the road.
That, for them, is the road.
If we’re to arrive there, when we arrive there we’ll know.
For now we know only that we’re not there.
Here there’s just the road before the bend, and before the bend
There’s the road without any bend.

Fernando Pessoa, 1914
A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe

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